This method of pipe replacement is so un-intrusive that one client refused to pay because she could not see any evidence of the work.  At the completion of the work, her flower bed was restored to its original condition and the road patch was in front of her neighbor’s home. She had to be assured by the city inspector that the work was done before she would pay for the service.

We had our sewer line replaced by Utah Pipebursting.  Jay put his camera in the pipes and we knew for sure that our old Orangeburg pipe had lasted as long as it was going to.  They completed the work in two days and did not have to dig a trench from our home to the street.  They did a good job and I can sit back and watch as our neighbors decide what to do about their old pipes.

--Hazel Coffey, Clearfield

Jay replaced our main sewer line.  Before this we had to have it cleaned out once or twice a year because roots grew into it.  Our drain cleaner recommended we call Utah Pipebursting.  We did look into trenching but that would not have worked well as we had to go through a retaining wall. 

The basic quote we got for a trench was about $3,000 more than Jay’s, and that was before the trenching company knew about the retaining wall.  Our yard came back in weeks and we did not have to dig a trench the 60 feet from our house to the road. 
We really appreciate that the price did not change; the initial quote was what we paid at the end.

--Kay Seamons, South Ogden

Replace your pipe, not your yard!

Pipebursting is THE PREFERRED METHOD for residential sewer pipe replacement.


If your home is more than 50 years old you already know, or you will find out soon in a very distasteful way, that your sewer pipes have reached the end of their usefulness. 


You may have even be so unfortunate that it was your neighbors pipe, not even yours, that caused the vile backup in your basement.


Utah Pipebursting can check your sewer lines with our cameras and replace your pipes, if necessary, without digging up your yard and your landscaping.  No one using a trenching method can say that, let alone do that.


Digging a trench is a waste of your time and your money.  Trenches also create unsafe inconveniences for you, your family and your neighbors.


Utah Pipebursting replaces or enlarges your existing pipe without the mess and cost of a trench.  We pull a 200-year life-span pipe through the existing pipe with a minimum of cost and clutter.


Pipebursting technology is almost always faster and less expensive. Using Utah Pipebursting saves between 20% and 80% of the cost of a trenched replacement and we generally complete the work in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of the more expensive option. 


Once you know about pipebursting in general, and Utah Pipebursting specifically, you realize that a trench is not an preferable option.  Don’t worry, if there is a better way, we will tell you what it is.


Call us today for a quote or for more information. 


The price we quote you will be the final price at the end - guaranteed!


Less Cost.  Less Time. Less Mess.  More Efficient.  Safer.

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