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Jay Garrett, the owner of Utah Pipebursting, has been in the construction trades for more than 30 years and has been replacing buried pipes for more than 15 years.


Pipebursting offers residential clients the speed, convenience and cost savings of “trench-less” pipe repair.


Where other companies will dig a trench through your yard, your street, and possibly your home, using pipe busting techniques saves time, money and frustration along with saving yards, landscaping, existing infrastructure and extensive intrusions into your home and your life.


We dig two smaller holes - one next to the foundation and the other where the residential pipes meet the city’s pipes - and then we pull a newer, larger and longer-lasting pipe through the path the old and ineffective pipe took.


No destroying yards or lives; no interrupting traffic and movement. 


Utah Pipebursting is a nationally-recognized leader and innovator in pipebursting and “trench-less” line replacement.  They are one of a small handful of companies that can do what needs to be done. 


There are only a few other pipe bursters in the United States, and none in this area, that can turn one combining sewer line into two separate laterals.  That means that if your pipe and your neighbors pipe combine before reaching the main line in the street you may experience the sewer problems of your neighbor, and they may share in your ‘stuff’ too.


When homeowners exhaust all other options, Utah Pipebursting is “the knot at the end of the rope.”


General Engineering License # 7344761-5551 issued by the State of Utah


Pipebursting Certificate issued by TRIC Tools.


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Utah Pipebursting serves residential customers throughout Utah.