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We are arthroscopic geo-surgeons.


Who needs pipes replaced?  Any home built before 1968 needs to have their pipes inspected and probably replaced. 


Orangeburg, the pipe used for residential sewer lines from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s had a lifespan of 25 years.  The math says those pipes are not supposed to function well past 1993.  And while pipes used prior to 1950 have a lifespan of 50 years, the useful functionality of both types of pipe went away much more than a decade ago. 


We replace your obsolete pipe with 200-year life-span pipe.  You will have no more disgusting dealings with the quite nasty problem of sewer backups due to non-functioning sewer pipes.



  1. How does pipebursting work?
  2. What is Orangeburg pipe?
  3. How long does “trench-less” pipe replacement take?
  4. What experience does Utah Pipebursting have?
  5. Is “trench-less” pipe replacement affordable?
  6. Is “trench-less” pipe replacement dangerous?
  7. What kind of pipes can be replaced with “trench-less” pipebursting?
  8. Does Utah Pipebursting work with insurance companies?
  9. Can you replace sewer pipes?
  10. Can you replace combined laterals? (And what is a combined lateral anyway?)
  11. Can you enlarge a pipe?
  12. What is “Fuze and Pull?”
  13. Does Utah Pipebursting do consulting?
  14. What is the price?

How does pipebursting work? Rather than digging a large and unsafe trench through your yard and your landscaping to dig out the old pipe, we dig a small hole next to your home and one in the street and pull new and longer-lasting flexible pipe through the existing pipe.  The old pipe is broken up and the new pipe will not break or be compromised by tree roots.


What is Orangeburg pipe? Orangeburg pipe is a relatively weak sewer pipe made from tar and wood pulp and used from the 1950’s through the early 1970’s.  It was designed to last only 30 years.  If your home uses this pipe you are at great risk for sewer line failure.  We will replace your Orangeburg pipe with long-lasting pipe and remove that risk.


How long does trench less pipe replacement take?  We come to your home to assess your needs and provide you with a bid.  We schedule the pipe replacement as soon as possible and then come back to complete the work which only takes 5 to 8 hours in the summertime.  During the coldest months we will spread the work over two days, but rest assured, you will only be out of sewer service for a few hours.


What experience does Utah Pipebursting have?  We’ve been doing “trench-less” pipe replacement in Utah since 2001 and have completed more than 600 replacements for both residential and commercial properties.  We have been in the construction trades for more than 30 years and in the pipebursting industry since 1993.

Since sewer lines can be expensive to repair or replace only trust an experienced contractor.  Many utility lines are buried under your yard, your sidewalks and your road and the mistakes made by inexperienced contractors can lead to even more expensive fixes.  We have the experience you need and guarantee that the job will be done correctly.


Is trench less pipe replacement affordable?  Absolutely yes!  Pipebursting technology is almost always faster and less expensive. Using Utah Pipebursting saves between 20% and 80% of the cost of a trenched replacement and we generally complete the work in 1/3 to 1/2 the time of the more expensive option.


Is trench-less pipe replacement dangerous?  No, there is no risk to you, your family or your neighbors if you use an experienced and qualified professional as many of your other utility lines are in close proximity to your sewer lines.  Utah Pipebursting has years of experience and guarantees that your job will be done right the first time.


What kind of pipes can be replaced with trench-less pipebursting?  Any pipe used for sewer lines can be replaced using pipebursting.


Do you work with insurance companies?  Yes! We do it all the time. 


Can you replace sewer pipes?  Yes, we can replace an existing pipe with the same size pipe or enlarge the pipe.


Can you replace combined laterals? Yes, many homes have sewer lines that combine with the neighbor’s line before reaching the municipal lines under the street (now you know what a combined lateral is).  This is now against code because this arrangement makes it so you may experience the sewer problems of your neighbor, and they may share in your ‘stuff’ too. 

Don’t deal with your neighbors “stuff.” Get your own sewer pipe.


Can you enlarge a pipe? Yes, we can replace the existing pipe with a larger pipe.  Utah Pipebursting can increase a pipe by two to three sizes depending on soil conditions.  For example: increase from a 4” pipe to a 6” or 8” pipe.


What is Fuse and Pull? Fuse and pull is a great service available to contractors who will complete the overall job but want the convenience of bringing in Utah Pipebursting to replace a section of pipe.  We do the pull and you do the rest.


Does Utah Pipebursting do consulting? Yes, Utah Pipebursting will consult on any pipe replacement.  We will talk to residents and contractors who want to know all the options for sewer line replacement.


What is the price?  The price depends on the job requirements.  Please don’t forget (we won’t) that the price on the quote is the price you pay at the end of your successful pipe replacement. 


We will not raise the price with changes and revisions!


We stand against you paying more for the traditional way of replacing pipes when all you get with that tradition is a messier, longer-lasting and more inconvenient job that leaves your home, your neighborhood, your life and your budget in a messy hole.